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Opening for Inventory Controller

Inventory Controller

Employment Status: Full Time

Employment Type: Employee

8 months ago

Monthly Salary: 2,000 - 3,000

Dubai , United Kingdom


1. Recording of food and drinkable prices 2. Adhering to any or all price management procedures 3. Maintained Menu engineering Balance 4. F&B revenue and price audits conjointly change cost accounting 5. Reviews buying procedures for all F&B things 6. Ensures compliance with documentation/authorization processes 7. Monitor inventories of Food to extend inventory turnover 8. Participates in month finish news procedures in relevance F&B stock. 9. Understanding of the fundamental accounting functions and powerful analytical and numerical skills 10. Reconcile all variances between budget, actual prices and revenue to facilitate correct profit forecast. 11. somebody with a active, pro-active approach; taking personal responsibility and initiative to stop or resolve issues 12. to blame for stores and receiving space, micros and its maintenance. 13. to produce daily food and drinkable price to management. 14. Spot checks and monitors the storage and handling of foods and beverages round the hotels and to substantiate no misuse has occurred 15. To at random check the inventory of shops by adaptive the gap stock with the closing stock, taking account of store problems and sales. 16. To review and verify spoilage/wastage inventory variation report. 17. to organize price controller’s report. 18. To fits any cheap request created by management to the most effective of your ability. 19. to push potency, confidence, courtesy and a very high normal of social skills. 20. To be totally aware with F&B policies and procedures. 21. able to add a quick paced atmosphere and deal with pressure 22. Ability to figure fraught and meet deadlines 23. glorious written, oral and presentation skills 24. robust strategic coming up with 25. Review the expire date of F&B things

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  • Industry: 64
  • Catagory: 12
  • Location: Dubai , United Kingdom
  • Start Date: 2018-02-05