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Employment Status: Full Time

Employment Type: Employee

1 year ago

Monthly Salary: Unspecified

Dubai , United Arab Emirates


Procurement Manager Duties and Responsibilities : • Set, track, and maintain budget • Research skills to discover profitable suppliers; work with vendors to secure advantageous terms • Initiate business and cultivate partnerships • Manage workflow from initiation to completion (of both purchased orders and deliveries) Procurement Manager Requirements and Qualifications: • Successful work experience as a Procurement Manager, Procurement Officer, or another relevant role. • Strong working knowledge of sourcing and procurement techniques as well as an aptitude for reading the market. • Exceptional talent in negotiating and networking • Excellent, mature leadership capabilities. . Experimented in construction and building material and interior and architectural finishes.

Job Requirement

  • We are seeking a highly skilled
  • experienced procurement manager to join our growing organization. In this position
  • you will manage our company’s supply operations for products and services
  • overseeing multiple responsibilities. You should be committed to discovering cost-effective deals and suppliers to build partnerships with
  • allowing the company to invest in growth and people.

Skills Required

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  • Industry: architect
  • Catagory: architecture
  • Location: Dubai , United Arab Emirates
  • Start Date: 2018-02-01